Fact and Fiction

Whether your manuscript is fact or fiction, we have all the skills to transform it into a finished, high-quality book.

What format will best suit your finished manuscript? Do you want a softcover or a hardcover book? Do you want images in your book? If so, are they black and white or colour? Do you need chapters?

There are standard book formats that you may be familiar with. In Australia, these are often called A, B or C formats.

  • A Format – 181 x 111mm Portrait
  • B Format – 198 x 128mm Portrait
  • B+ Format – 210 x 135mm Portrait
  • C Format – 234 x 153mm Portrait

But you are not limited to these sizes. We can suggest the best format for your book based on your subject matter, target audience, and printing method options. You may need a landscape format for your collection of photographs or a tall, thin book to showcase your poetry.

Your book is unique, so its shape, size, and look will be amazing!

Is your manuscript a collection of short stories, an anthology of poetry, a lengthy novel, essays, a coffee table book or a technical manual? Do you need chapters, indexes, a glossary or a table of contents? Whether your book is fiction or non-fiction, we will create a design and format that is perfect for it. We have a wealth of experience with fiction and non-fiction books.

We can transform your finished manuscript into a stunning, top-quality book you will be proud of.

Where do we begin…

It all starts with a complimentary 30-minute consultation. This lets us discuss your book’s subject matter, ideas, and target audience in-depth to establish a solid book design direction. We then put together a quote for your consideration. Please phone or email us to schedule your free consultation.

Cover design Bozin Pavlovski West Aust
Cover design
Bozin Pavlovski: West Aust
Cover design of Richard Brown Night Shift
Cover and book design
Richard Brown: Night Shift
Essays on Amateur Astronomy


9-5 workdays.

About Preloaded Design

Preloaded Design is Jacqui Lynch. Established in 2005 and located in Central Victoria.

Jacqui is a passionate designer with a love of typography and book design. Jacqui has all the necessary skills to create high-quality, eye-catching book designs.

My passion is to bring your project to its highest potential.