In This Place: The 2016 VOX BENDIGO FYFFE AWARD celebrates the landscape, history and people of Central Victoria.

Poets Tru S. Dowling and Melinda Kallasmae are the winners of the 2016 Vox Bendigo Fyffe Award. The 2016 award is a Zine featuring their poems. A memento and keepsake for Bendigo Writers Festival 2016.

Preloaded Design designed the Zine using the two poems as a starting point for inspiration for the design.  We created a design that enhances the content of the poem and also providing a visual journey.

What is a Zine? It’s kind of like a magazine but with a twist. A Zine is a great way for authors and poets to create a small circulation of self-published work. A Zine usually contains original texts and can also feature images. It is the perfect place for poetry. We designed a Zine that was an A4 design, cut and folded to produce a small booklet.

The 2016 Vox Bendigo Fyffe Awards were presented at the Bendigo Writer’s Festival 2016.