Your fabulous children’s book design is the result of your story plus stunning illustrations plus great design.

We will work with you to bring your children’s book to life. Good design allows the illustrations to extend and expand your story and in addition, capture and engage the readers attention.

We can work with either an illustrator of your choice or help you find the right illustrator for your story.

A brilliantly designed children’s book cover conveys a glimpse into the your story and also entices readers to open your book. The style of the illustrations, colours and fonts are all carefully chosen and designed to deliver a stand-out cover. A cover you can be proud of.

Our design solutions combine your story with the illustrations to create a dynamic, engaging and effective children’s book. We take into account the rhythm and tone of the story and balance this with the scale, placement and contrast of the illustrations. Careful selection of the the right font ensures that the text and illustrations work hand in hand.

We can bring to life your project so that it reaches your target audience.

Children’s Book Formats

We can help you select the perfect format for your children’s book. This can really depend on your target audience.

There are a range of size options available, whether it be in a Portrait, Landscape and Square format. Binding options include soft covers or hard covers or maybe you’re even thinking of a board book.

We have strong contacts in the print industry and can assist you with finding the right printer for your children’s book. You will be provided with 2 printer quotes to choose from. In addition, we will liaise with your chosen printer to ensure your book is printed on time and also on budget.

Where we begin…

It all starts with a complimentary 30 minute consultation. This allows us to talk about your book’s subject matter in depth, your ideas and target audience to establish a solid book  design direction. We then put together a quote for your consideration. Please phone or email us to schedule your free consultation.

Front cover of I Love my Body board book
Cover and book design
Kerry Spina: I Love My Body
Cover design of Rose Vickers and the Nose Pickers
Cover design
Jeffrey McCubbery:
Rose Vickers and the Nose Pickers


9-5 workdays.

About Preloaded Design

Preloaded Design is Jacqui Lynch. Established in 2005 and located in Central Victoria.

Jacqui is a passionate designer with a love of typography and book design. Jacqui has all the necessary skills to create high-quality, eye-catching book designs.

My passion is to bring your project to its highest potential.