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Imprint Page

The Imprint Page is on the back (verso) of the title page and is the perfect place to put all the relevant details about the publication, the who what when and how stuff.

Captures all the technical details about the book such as, date of publication, publisher’s name, logo and contact details, name of the author, ISBN, copyright, list of contributors, CiP data, printer’s details.

The Imprint Page may contains the following material:

  • Publishers logo, name. address and also web address
  • Date of publication
  • Name of Author
  • The name of other contributors, such as editors, illustrators etc
  • Also contains the name of the designer and details of the cover design, ie. credit to photography
  • Printer’s details
  • Copyright information
  • ISBN
  • CiP data


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About Preloaded Design

Located in Central Victoria and established in 2005, Preloaded Design is Jeff and Jacqui Lynch.

Jacqui is a passionate designer with a love of typography and book design. With over 20 years experience as a graphic and fine artist, Jacqui’s eye for aesthetic detail adds a new dimension to ‘traditional’ design. Jacqui’s diverse artistic background means that she can offer clients something way beyond the ‘norm’ when it comes to book design.

Jeff is an expert web developer with over 20 years experience. He is equipped with all the skills needed to convert your book to an eBook.

Our passion is to bring your project to its highest potential.